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Vcastplay is giving a free use of Software using a FREE license.
To avail your FREE license, the user should register online via the Vcastplay website and is required to provide basic profile information.

After the successful registration of the free account, the user will have to confirm it through the activation URL that will be sent to the user's email address.

With this, the user has to make sure that the email address that will be indicated in the account details is active.
If the following instructions above are completely followed, you may now enjoy using your Vcastplay for FREE!
Vcastplay also offers subscription plans and it comes with two different licenses such as the STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL.
To subcribe, the user should open the Vcastplay Pricing Page and select the preferred type of license by clicking "Subscribe now" for standard subscription or "Get in touch" for professional subscription.
The user can also define the license validity period by inputting the number of years.
As the user click's Check Out, the systen will send your order to Sales Office and wait until they send you a confirmation email containing your license key, after the payment is made.
You may download the player through your Vcastplay account.
All you need to do is sign in and go to the Player registration page and click the Download the Player button.
Only (1) player can be registered through your FREE license.
To activate your license, you should open and sign in your Vcastplay account, then click the UPGARDE NOW button.
This will open a new page in which you can input your license key, then click Subscribe button to completely activate.
Go directly to Vcastplay Pricing page to know more about the features and package inclusion of all types of license.
The validity of using a Free license in only up to 30 days.
You can install the Vcastplayer by following the instructions below:
  1. Run the installer.
  2. Click next, to proceed.
  3. Again, click next to install the prerequisites software.
  4. Click next to continue install VLC player as it is a prerequisute software.
  5. Click finish to finish to complete the installation of VLC player.
  6. Check/activate the "I agree to the License terms and conditions" to install the VCAST Client as it is also a prerequisite software, then click INSTALL.
  7. Click FINISH to complete the installation of the VCAST client.
  8. Check/activate the "I agree to the License terms and conditions" to install the Vcastplayer, then click INSTALL.
  9. Wait until the installation is finished, then click FINISH.
As for setting up the player, please see instructions here:
  1. The setting will automatically open after the installation. But if your player was installed previously, just press ESC key in your keyboard, then select Settings.
  2. Input your valid email address associated in your account, as this will be used to activate the license of your player.
No. As of this moment, Vcastplayers is engineered to work on a Windows operated machine.
The maximum storage that you can avail is up to 20gb, if you are using the Professional License.
Unfortunately, 20gb is the biggest storage space that you can avail per license.
Yes, you can achieve a videowall execution. Vcastplay's videowall feature can support customized screen resolution and can adjust to the preferred number of screens.
Minimum specs that we recommend is the following below:
CPU: Intel Pentium @ 1.60Ghz
VIDEOCARD: Intel HD Graphics
OS: Microsoft Windows 10
No. We don’t require a DSL type of internet connection, even wireless will do.
As for the bandwidth, we recommend atleast 1Mbps.
The maximum size per file that can be uploaded is up to 2gb only.
Even if you try to upload a file that has a file size that is more than 2gb, the system will disregard and it will not allow to be uploaded.
Yes, you can still use it as long as you it did not reached the max number of players that uses the same license and it is not yet expired.
Yes, your player will run even it is offline.
The only downside is, it will not download any latest content or screen layout even if you update.

For any questions, feel free to contact us using the information below.

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