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To avail of the FREE license, the user should register online via the vcastplay website and is required to provide his/her basic profile information.

After the successful registration of the free account, the user will have to confirm his/her registration through the activation URL sent to the user's email address.

Note: The user has to make sure that the email address he/she provided is both valid and active.

To subscribe, open the vcastplay Packages Page and select the preferred type of license by clicking "Select Package" button for cloud subscription or on-premise subscription. Each type of license also has subpackages namely lite, standard, and pro which offer media players with different capacity.

You can also choose the number of players by clicking and adding it to your bag. As you send out your selection or inquiry, the system will forward your order to one of our Sales Executives. You will receive an email confirming the details you have entered.

You may download the player through your vcastplay account. Sign in your account and click "Download for Windows" or "Download for Android" button.

You can register only one (1) player through your FREE license.

To activate your license, you should sign in your vcastplay account, then click the UPGRADE NOW button. A new page will open for you to input your license key then click the Subscribe button to complete the activation process.

You can install the vcastplayer by following the instructions below:
1. Run the installer.
2. Click NEXT to proceed.
3. Ensure that you have an installed LavFilters such as VLC player program since it is a pre-requisite software.
4. Click NEXT to continue and finish installation.
5. Check/activate the "I agree to the License terms and conditions" to install the vcast Client since it is also a prerequisite software. Afterwards, click INSTALL. Click FINISH to complete the installation of the vcast Client.
6. Check/activate the "I agree to the License terms and conditions" to install the vcastplayer. Afterwards, click INSTALL. Wait until the installation is finished, then click FINISH. As for setting up the player, it will automatically open after the installation. But if your player was already previously installed, just press ESC key in your keyboard then select Settings. Input your valid email address associated with your account, as this will be used to activate the license of your player.

Unfortunately, vcastplayers are engineered to work only for Windows OS and Android OS.

Each player has an automatic 1GB storage in vcastplay cloud. But you can also maximize your PC’s internal storage.

Yes, it is possible to achieve a videowall execution. vcastplay's videowall feature can support customized screen resolutions and adjust to the preferred number of screens of a client.

The minimum specs that we recommend are the following:
• CPU: Intel Atom
• Memory: 2GB
• Videocard: Intel HD Graphics
• Storage: 32GB
• OS: Microsoft Windows 10
• Output: Single panel display

No, the maximum content that can be uploaded is 300MB.

Yes, you can still use it as long as your license did not reach the maximum number of players allowed and is not yet expired.

Yes, your player will run even if it's offline. Unfortunately, the player will not be able to download any of the latest content or screen layout even if you update it.